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Phu An Villiage Binh Duong Province Vietnam,walking in tall bamboo forest,
Bamboo forest at Phu An Village, Dec 2010

Enjoying a Sunday feast with the Son Family near Soc Trang Vietnam
A Feast in the Mekong...

Dien Truc Bamboo, just one of many species grown at Phu An Village, Vietnam
Tre is the VN name for Bamboo, Dien Truc is the
kind of an "Oak Tree"

Small boat ride on canal in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, steady as she goes...
Boat ride in the Mekong Delta...

Electrical workers in Saigon, VN using a bamboo ladder for electricity repair.
Using a bamboo ladder....Dec 2005, Saigon

Royal with Ong Ho and Island in Mekong Delta at Long Xuyen
Royal and Mr. Ho in Long Xuyen 2015


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